Haiku from the 280

Bus to Aylesbury

      – that name I cannot pronounce, 

dumb American! 


Now to Friday Lane – 

    and poor posture numbs one’s arse, 

Sixty-two stops. Why! 


Shifting, impatient, 

     the men at Waterstock turn

pretend they’ve not met.


Tiddington (the Fox), 

     is apparently a pub! 

Whimsical England. . . 


Outwardly pleasant,

     the department politics

are crass, and childish. 


Pregnant roller-skates

     dodging amid bikes and buses

noon traffic in Thames


Polite bus driver!

    he does not mow down tourists

– though he might want to. 


Content and catlike 

     I observe from a high perch

double-decker bus!






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